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Alliance Tech Medical, Inc. endeavors to support its mission to create and provide enduring solutions for respiratory care management and adherence by providing unique, practical and affordable tools to achieve successful long-term outcomes for clinicians and patients in the management of respiratory disease.

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In-Check DIAL G16

In-Check DIAL G16

The In-Check DIAL is a hand held low range inspiratory flow measurement device with a dial top. People living with Asthma, COPD or other lung diseases may be using Dry Powder Inhalers, Pressurized Metered Dose Inhalers or Nebulizers to breathe in medication. The DIAL can be adjusted to accurately simulate the resistance of popular inhaler devices which include MDI’s and DPI’s such as Turbuhaler®, Flexhaler®, Twisthaler®, Aerolizer®, Handihaler®, Diskus®, Ellipta® and Pressair® among others. The In Check DIAL enables clinicians to train patients to the proper inspiratory technique considering force and flow rate to achieve optimal deposition of the medication being inhaled into the lungs.
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The DIAL G16 now categorizes inhalers by resistance and the newly designed scale gives proper feedback on all efforts.

The one-way valved inspiratory mouthpiece allows for multiple patient use and is adaptable for adult or pediatric use protecting both the instrument and the patient from cross-contamination.

* Custom resistance adapters are available by calling Alliance Tech Medical.

•Every In-Check DIAL is individually calibrated to ensure a high degree of accuracy; it's accurate to +/- 10% or 10 L/min (whichever is greater)
•Inspiratory flows in the range of 15 L/min to 120 L/ min can be measured
•Tested by AEA Technology P.L.C. in the U.K. for accuracy, and has been verified as providing similar resistances to inhaler devices
•Calibrated using an ATS pulmonary waveform generator. In-Check DIAL complies with the AS/NZS standard for back pressure in flow meters

•The In-Check DIAL is supplied with a sterilizable plastic mouthpiece and an adapter which enables you to use a pediatric mouthpiece if necessary
•The transparent body permits a visual inspection before use, and if required, one-way disposable mouthpiece or a bacterial/viral filter can be used to minimize the risk of cross infection

CPT Code 94664
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